PerfectPattern releases Version 3.0 of sPrint One for optimization of print planning and production

MUNICH, GERMANY, 6. Dec. 2017 – PerfectPattern today announced the availability of Version 3.0 of sPrint One. Based on innovative algorithms and artificial intelligence, sPrint One is a very powerful solution for the dynamic optimization of print planning and production. The new version offers even more flexibility and enables a higher degree of automation. The system combines capacity planning and sheet optimization.

sPrint One was developed to fully automate print planning, as well as the calculation of material- and cost-optimized gang forms in offset and digital printing. At the press of a button, the system calculates a complete print plan from a pool of ready-to-print jobs in seconds, including sheet optimization and gang forms. sPrint One takes on disposition and sheet layouts by taking into account all deadlines, as well as the available machine capacities.

sPrint One 3.0: greater flexibility and automation

The just released Version 3.0 of sPrint One offers a variety of new features for even more speed and better gang forms:

  • The sheet can be populated with any number of predefined template boxes. sPrint One fills those only with specific products, whereas all non-occupied areas on the sheet are filled freely with standard products.
  • Post-processing requirements can be set in advance by defining corresponding areas on the sheet that allow only for specific products. These areas come with minimum and maximum sizes. sPrint One then adjusts their size dynamically to the order situation.
  • Rules for allowances for print and post print requirements can be freely configured. The allowances for a sheet depend on the ordered quantities and requirements of all invoked products.

The system is available as software as a service (SaaS) and now runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. This ensures that the solution is highly available and scalable.

“The very powerful and fast algorithms we have developed over many years of mathematical research are at the core of our technology,” says Robert Meißner, PerfectPattern’s Managing Director Product Management. “Through the simultaneous mathematical optimization of often opposing goals — including cost and time savings, capacity utilization and more — the technology acts like an automatic planning system, which pursues once defined management guidelines.”

Using sPrint One, print planning and the calculation of gang forms are no longer separated. The system calculates in seconds when jobs should be printed and on which machine and how, even for large and complex order pools. This optimizes on-time delivery and minimizes overall costs.

sPrint One Technology featured in Kodak PRINERGY Cloud Services

On Nov. 2, PerfectPattern announced that Kodak has integrated the sPrint One technology into its PRINERGY Cloud Services as Dynamic Print Planning (DPP). Users of the PRINERGY Cloud Services benefit from the advantages of sPrint One directly in their PRINERGY workflows. The launch of the new PRINERGY offering, „Dynamic Print Planning“, is the result of a strategic partnership between Kodak and PerfectPattern in the middle of last year.

About PerfectPattern

Founded in Munich, Germany, in 2012, PerfectPattern is a technology and software developer that creates software solutions that combine unique, powerful algorithms for process optimization with artificial intelligence. The solutions enable the fully automatic planning of virtually any production process in real time, making the “smart factory” a reality. The three key objectives are flexibility, punctuality and the reduction of production costs.

PerfectPattern offers a variety of solutions. sPrint One is a printing industry solution for dynamic, mixed form-based print planning. As the world’s most up-to-date system of its kind, sPrint One combines sheet optimization with capacity planning. With the upcoming Kayros product, PerfectPattern builds a solution for a wide variety of industries, whose users can model almost any production process and optimize its efficiency.

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