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The Industrial AI Company

Artificial intelligence for industry

We use the enormous potential of Artificial Intelligence, to increase the resource efficiency in industrial productions. Our software solutions use cutting-edge AI technology to control, monitor and improve industrial processes. They help to make production cheaper, faster and more dynamic.

About us

aivis - Industry-orientierted AI

aivis is a revolutionary new AI technology that unlocks the hidden information in process and business data quickly and easily. aivis is very straightforward to use, requires almost no data preparation and offers comprehensible and explainable results in the shortest time and best quality.

aivis requires no data science skills, making data analysis and prediction easy to use in daily work.


sprintone console v2 screenshot

Dynamic Print Planning with sPrint One

sprintone console v2 screenshot

With sPrint One, we have developed a unique product for the graphic arts industry that enables full automation of print planning. With unprecedented quality and speed, sPrint One allows even complex production schedules to be calculated in seconds based on cost minimization and deadline compliance. sPrint One makes Industrial AI a reality for print stores.

KAYROS - Cognitive production planning

KAYROS can quickly make precise decisions (Decision Making). KAYROS follows the concept of Prescriptive Analytics. In contrast to predictive analytics, this means not only predicting expected behavior, but also making decisions that move a system in a desired direction.

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